Unity – Desktop Icons Really Small and Without Text on Ubuntu 13.10


I just installed a fresh Ubuntu 13.10 and observed the following behavior: My desktop icons are all very tiny and the corresponding file names are not displayed. The following example shows my desktop containing a few LibreOffice documents and a PDF:

Tiny Desktop Icons

Is this behavior expected? And what can I do to get more traditional desktop icons (larger, with text)?

So far I tried not to do anything like unity --reset (which apparently is no longer supported in 13.10 anyways) because the icon problem was already present in the very first boot after the fresh installation, and it would be great if I won't lose all other Unity settings that I have configured in the last few hours.

Best Answer

It turned out, I accidentally made a stupid mistake: One of the first things after installing Ubuntu is to reduce the default size of the list view in nautilus (since imho all default settings are much too large). As a result of my reduce-all-sizes I must have changed the "Default zoom level" under "Icon View Defaults" (under the "View" tab in nautilus' preferences) to the lowest level as well. Since I never ever use the icon view, I never realized that I've made this change and somehow it never occurred to me that this settings affects the look of my desktop icons as well... So in the end, I was able to solve this "issue" simply by setting an icon zoom level of 100% in nautilus.

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