Ubuntu – Why are Flash applications so sluggish/crashy


I've noticed that Flash applications tend to be more sluggish under Ubuntu than they do under Windows on the same machine. This is particularly noticeable when watching HD video or playing graphics/physics-heavy games. Are there any ways of improving the performance of Flash under Ubuntu, or is this just an issue with the Linux version that I will have to live with?

Currently I'm just cutting down on the number of tabs open, blocking flash ads, and closing other programs, but I'm looking for ways to affect Flash itself.

Other things I have already been doing include using Youtube's HTML5 feature and playing videos straight from /tmp in VLC. I was wondering if there was some way of streamlining Flash itself though. Perhaps not.

More Specific Question: Is there anything I can do in mms.cfg to boost performance?

Best Answer

This is an issue with the Flash Player - the Linux version has some performance issues with playing video.

Your best bet for sites like YouTube that support HTML5 video is to use that instead. (See here for details.) The performance is much better.

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