Ubuntu – Apt-get remove –purge wine* removed everything!


sudo apt-get remove --purge wine* opened the gates of hell and removed many things. I wasn't allowed to paste the output here, too big. I stopped the process, I wanted to save what's left of my system!

  1. How to reinstall what has been removed?
  2. Why were these packages removed? It is the most important question, why the hell were they removed? I can't see any relation between Spotify and wine!
  3. If apt-get --purge might destroy your system, how to remove wine then? I removed it from software center but many files were still there.
  4. Can you ever trust apt-get -- purge?

I'm on Xubuntu 14.04 64 bit.

Best Answer

Uninstall did this, not purge. Don't feel bad, I think we've all done it at one point in time or another.

Run the command again, however, this time run the command

sudo apt-get purge wine

without the * mark and this time, submit "n" to not uninstall at this time. Now, before you execute the command again, you should take note of the list of programs that will be uninstalled along with wine so you may reinstall these programs after the purge and before the next reboot.

I like to make a copy of this list that can be pasted into a text editor. Once copied into the text editor, you can remove all the paragraphs and * marks to make a smooth list that can be copied and pasted after a sudo apt-get install command to run immediately after the purge is done. Luckily, programs like Spotify retain their configuration files during this process as they were not explicitly marked to purge, only to uninstall so when you re-install them they should be good as new.

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