Ubuntu – Apport-gpu-error-intel.py crash

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Feeling disempowered by Ubuntu's new bug reporting policy/system. My Intel i5 machines have all experienced daily (if not more frequent) freezes, but it's very difficult to report bugs now and policy instead is just for ubuntu to collect counts; no way for me to see that anything is (or is not) being worked on.

I've just experienced a freeze and now on reboot I'm stuck in a cycle of "Ubuntu has an internal error" (presumably Ubuntu never experiences an external error…) do you want to report it? Yes. Oh another internal error…

Apport crash screen

It looks like this report could contain useful information. Is there anyway to make sure it gets provided to the people who can fix it?

Best Answer

Install xdiagnose version 2.5.1, which I uploaded to precise-proposed the other day.

The problem is that the Intel graphics driver has these weird "false gpu hangs". The GPU locks up but then recovers so that you don't actually notice anything, but it still is enough to trigger the error handler. Disabling apport doesn't disable this handler; 2.5.1 disables the handler directly.