Ubuntu – Apache server doesn’t start automatically


I installed Apache a long time a go as part of setting up the development environment on my laptop.

However, since I stopped it some months back, it no longer starts automatically on boot. I have this problem on my laptop at home AND on my laptop at work.

I both cases, I installed Apache in Ubuntu 10.10 some months ago, used it for several weeks without a glitch, but then one day I stopped it and now it no longer starts automatically. I tried running the update rc for it manually, but was told the init script is already in use.

However, starting/restarting it manually with

sudo service apache2 start/restart

works fine. In both cases, I let it be until after the upgrade to 11.04, because I hoped it would be solved by the new version. But it's not! I'd be grateful if someone can tell me how to have Apache start automatically once more.

Best Answer

Try to run

update-rc.d apache2 enable [list of run levels]

as root.

You may interested to read

man update-rc.d
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