Ubuntu – ALT+Tab: How to switch to Desktop on Ubuntu GNOME 17.04


The question might seem like a really stupid one, but I cannot find an answer anywhere. In short, how to switch to Desktop on Ubuntu Gnome 17.04 Zesty Zapus?

As we know, Desktop isn't even enabled by default on Ubuntu GNOME, but it has to be activated separately through Gnome Tweak Tool. Once the desktop is activated, how is one able to switch to it? In Unity desktop, this happens simply by pressing Alt+Tab and scrolling on top of the purple desktop icon, as demonstrated here:

application switcher

It's just that, what's the point of enabling the desktop if one cannot fully utilize its existence? Maybe I am missing something here…? :O

Best Answer

Press Ctrl + Super + D. Super is normally the windows key - the same which opens the acitivites overview.

To view shortcuts, open settings and go to Keyboard and then the Shortcuts tab. This shortcut is "Hide all normal windows" under Navigation.

Incedentally, Super + D also works for me - I'm not sure why!

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