Ubuntu – Alt+F2 (Run Application) doesn’t work for custom commands


In order to speed up Android development, I've edited my ~/.bashrc to add some paths to PATH:

export PATH=${PATH}:/opt/android-sdk/tools:/opt/android-sdk/platform-tools

This works just fine from the command line (I can just type android and, no matter where I am, the Android SDK and AVD Manager will start up just fine.

However, if I try to type android in the Alt+F2 dialog (Run Application), it gives the following error:

Could not open location 'file:///home/felix/android'

Error stating file '/home/felix/android': No such file or directory

Why is that? What PATH does the Run Application dialog use?

Best Answer

I assume the bashrc is not read by Gnome, and why should it, since it is a config file for bash.

I define my path in ~/.profile. This file is definitely read by the Gnome and XFCE environments and should by others as well. (But it is read only on login, so you have to log out and back in any the changes to take effect!)

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