Ubuntu – All Kubuntu releases


I would like to know if ALL Kubuntu releases are available in the way the Ubuntu-proper releases are at http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/, from 4.10 to 20.10

I would like to take a look at some Plasma features that might have been added and then removed.

Before 15.04 there is no Plasma 5, and I have tested already the LTS releases after that. — Therefore, what mostly interests me would be the non-LTS ("normal") releases from 15.04 to 17.10. (I would take a look even at 18.10 and 19.04, but I cannot find them either.)

I have found ALL LTS VERSIONS here.

(EDIT: also, as posted in a comment below, here are recent LTS releases, starting with 16.04.)

ALL VERSIONS up to 11.10 here.