Ubuntu – After ubuntu installlation, space is missing on the harddisk


i started installing ubuntu and took out windows 10 completely during the installation..
but after the installation, when i checked my disk partitions
927gb on linux filesystem
3 gb on linux swap
512 mb on efi

but my hard disk size is 1tb (1024gb so now rest 94 gb is missing
can anyone help me out.
i tried if the windows 10 is still existing on the disk, but i didnt get any method
and while booting the system i get a message on the top left corner
/dev/sda2: clean,223062/60760064 files, 5079494/243030464 blocks …
so does this mean.

Best Answer

There is an explanation why space is missing. It is all about calculations (Apparent Vs. Actual). Drives are marketed in terms of decimal. So, 1 TB is in decimal, i.e. 1,000,000,000,000B while OS shows memory in terms of binary. Therefore, 1 TB is actually 931.32 GB (1,000,000,000,000/230). I personally use a 1 TB HDD and a total space of 931 GB is justified. So, the space isn't missing but the awareness of the facts.

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