Ubuntu – Adwords Editor 11.6


I am having trouble installing the latest (must have) version 11.6 of Google Adwords editor. Worked fine till the previews version. But now we need to have the new version in order to work with it and because of the new rules. I tried installing it via wine and play on Linux, it won't even install because in the beginning of the installation I get a message saying that the installer could not connect to the internet, and asks me to check my firewall. There must be a solution to this problem, does anyone know know to fix this problem?

Best Answer

Set your Wine as "Windows 7" and install Google Adwords Editor with:

wine msiexec /i ./google_adwords_editor.msi

Source: https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?bShowAll=true&bIsQueue=false&bIsRejected=false&sClass=version&sTitle=&sReturnTo=&iId=32146

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