Ubuntu – Adobe flash player not working with Amazon Prime


I have ubuntu 12.04 64bit using Google Chrome. I had chromium from the app center then today amazon prime video stopped working. It told me to update Flash. So I uninstalled chromium and installed Google Chrome. Didn't work. Then I downloaded flash for ubuntu via apt. That one gave me a "flash version isn't supported" message.
The flash version was 11.

Now I tried http://apt.ubuntu.com/p/flashplugin-installer

It worked, but right in the middle of the video, it popped the error message again.

Sorry we are unable to stream this video. This is likely because your Flash Player needs to be updated.

So I don't know what happened.

Best Answer

This is probably not working in Google Chrome for Linux because of the limitations of the Pepper Flash as Google mentions on their support page:

Linux users: Adobe Flash Player uses a cross-platform API, Pepper API (PPAPI), to run its plug-in in Chrome. You might notice some of the known issues below specific to Linux Chrome:


  • Viewing Adobe Access (DRM) content is not supported, since Adobe does not support it on Linux.


I think it's very much likely that:

  • Support for the older 11.2 Flash for Linux (using the regular API) has been dropped by Amazon.
  • Support for the DRM required in 11.7 in Chrome for Linux does not work because of the aforementioned limitations of it.

This makes Ubuntu fall between two stools in the support for watching DRM-enabled video.