Ubuntu – Adding two single Cluster Controller to a MaaS Region Controller


I'd like to realize an infrastructure using Ubuntu 14.04Lts like this:

  • 1 Region Controller (RC), Ubuntu 14.04 Server Edition
  • 2 Cluster Controller(CC), Ubuntu 14.04 Server Edition

MaaS has been installed via Ubuntu ISO and then upgraded using ppa stable, while on two Cluster Controller I've installed only maas-cluster-controller and maas-dhcp maas-dns.

All Servers are on the same network.

When I try to add the two CC on the RC I don't see any pending cluster

enter image description here

I've found this solution Connect cluster controller to the region controller (MaaS) but when I tried to run this command

$: sudo maas-provision install-shared-secret

I've received this error

usage: __main__.py [-h] [-c FILENAME]
__main__.py: error: invalid choice: 'install-shared-secret' (choose from u'atomic-write', u'customize-config', u'generate-dhcp-config', u'install-uefi-config', u'start-cluster-controller', u'upgrade-cluster')

I've also found this command on the changelog of MaaS (http://maas.ubuntu.com/docs/changelog.html), the note says that:

"RPC security. As a step towards mutually verified TLS connections between MAAS’s components, 1.7 introduces a simple shared-secret mechanism to authenticate the region with the clusters and vice-versa. For those clusters that run on the same machine as the region controller (which will account for most people), everything will continue to work without intervention. However, if you’re running a cluster on a separate machine, you must install the secret: After upgrading the region controller, view /var/lib/maas/secret (it’s text) and copy it. On each cluster, run:
sudo -u maas maas-provision install-shared-secret
You’ll be prompted for the secret; paste it in and press enter. It is a password prompt, so the secret will not be echoed back to you. That’s it; the upgraded cluster controller will find the secret without needing to be told."

I've also run that and the error is different

$: sudo -u maas maas-provision install-shared-secret

This utility may only be run as root.

why ???

I've also open this ask some months ago showing the same issue

How to add a new cluster controller to MaaS release 1.7?

I'd like to close that, any suggests to resolve that?

Best Answer

I've resolved that upgraded MaaS with its own last release and following this procedure.

- On Region Controller run:

$: cat /var/lib/maas/secret

copy the key

- On Cluster Controller run:

$: sudo dpkg-reconfigure maas-cluster-controller

and adding the key copied from Region Controller, then after few second we'll see the new Cluster Controller on MaaS UI.

enter image description here s

enter image description here

enter image description here

then on UI

enter image description here