NTFS – Adding NTFS-Write Capability by Default on Ubuntu 11.10


In 11.10 the ability to write to NTFS drives was removed. There are ways around this, like ntfs-config, which mounts the selected drives as r/w, but I'm looking for a more permanent solution. I have also tried enabling it in the kernel (when compiling) but that doesn't seem to do anything.

tl:dr I want for NTFS drives (including removable ones) to be mounted r/w instead of r/o (from gnome-shell and nautilus), like in 10.10 and 11.04

Best Answer

I use NTFS-config and it mounts all me external and internal drives with write capabilities

just run this in commandline after installing ntfs-config

sudo mkdir -p /etc/hal/fdi/policy

this will make ntfs config run and u can enable read write