Ubuntu – Adding Eclipse CDT to an existing Eclipse JDT installation


I'm a Java developer who wants to start with C/C++ now. I have an Eclipse JDT installation, and today added the CDT feature plugin from inside Eclipse (Help->Install new software..-> and so on)

I restarted Eclipse, but I cannot see the C/C++ perspective and cannot create anything else than Java project. Googled on it, but found nothing special. Then I opened a terminal and did a sudo apt-get install eclipse-cdt. Started Eclipse again but nothing changed. I know there are downloadable Eclipse CDT packs, but I would not like to use them.

What should I do?

Using: Eclipse Galileo on Ubuntu 11.04

Best Answer

Try this: Window->Open perspective->Other... The CDT perspective should be there unless an error occurred while installing.

EDIT: Also make sure that Eclipse C/C++ Development Tools are listed in your installation details. Help->About Eclipse SDK->Installation details