Ubuntu – Add google to Online Acount


I've just installed Kubuntu 17.04,

I'd like to have access to my Google Doc and files.

when I want to add my Google account to Online Account, I receive the following error:

There was an error while trying to process the request:
userActionFinished error: 2

I also installed another software with the same name (online account), and it generates this error:

Please authorise Ubuntu to access to your Google account

What should I do?

Best Answer

Yup, It seems to be buggy now and unfortunately there's no official Google Drive Client for Linux.

Opensuse has Kio-Drive which works really good and useful, and The biggest feature in GNOME 3.18 is native Google Drive integration.Sad it's not yet for KDE.

However, I can propose you some other workaround which me personally use it to synch my files. Dropbox is one of them, and you can sync your Google drive files with it via some plugins such as CloudHQ. With this method you can have all of your Google Drive files synced back and forth with your Dropbox.

Also I'd like to mention other methods like OverGrive and InSync which cost money ($5 ~ $30), which I personally didn't like them.

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