Ubuntu – Accidently deleted the /etc/default folder


I Accidently deleted my /etc/default folder. Now my computer wont boot.
Its running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
Upon boot it says,

Filesystem check or mount failed. 
A maintenance shell will now be started.CONTROL-D will terminate this shell and continue booting after re-trying filesystems. Any further errors will be ignored.

Please help, this is a very important computer and cannot suffer any downtime.

Best Answer

Just boot from Ubuntu live disk and copy the /etc/default directory(live disk) to the /etc directory(Resides in the partition where Ubuntu is actually installed)

sudo mkdir /media/os
sudo mount /dev/sdaX /media/os   # Mounting the root partition on /media/os directory.
sudo cp -Ri /etc/default /media/os/etc
sudo umount /dev/sdaX

Shutdown and boot from your Hard-disk. Hope it will work.

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