Ubuntu – Access server by host name


I have a mixed network with mostly Windows machines, a Mac, and a few Linux boxes. There is no DNS or WINS server, and adding one is outside of my control. If I put a clean install of 10.04 desktop on a computer, then all other machines on the network can get to that machine by hostname just fine.

However, if I put 10.04 server on the same computer, then the other machines can only get to it by IP address. The hostname does not resolve. What do I need to do on the server so that all the other machines on the network can get to it?

Best Answer

This has to do with Avahi, a Zeroconf implementation which advertises hostnames on the local network.

You can get started with Avahi on your server by installing the daemon:

sudo apt-get install avahi-daemon

From that point, you should be ready to go. Check out the docs in /usr/share/doc/avahi-daemon/ if you have additional trouble.

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