Ubuntu – 3G D-Link DWM-157 Modem Install on Ubuntu 12.04

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How can I install my 3G Modem (D-Link DWM-157)? Some steps I've already tried:

  • Plug in the modem (green light is fired);
  • Run sudo su command;
  • lsusb (command line) – my USB-device is found ("Bus 003 Device 010:
    ID 2001:a707 D-Link Corp.");
  • Mounted it (ran mount /dev/sr, then press Tab some
    times – "sr0" and "sr1" are displayed in terminal line; Unplug the
    USB-device and repeated previous operations: only "sr0" was shown in the terminal window);
  • /media/cdrom now has "3g_modem_connect_D310A_amd64.deb" and
    -//-//-_i386.deb files (my OS type is 64-bit, but I tried both
    versions); I've been trying to install it as from Ubuntu
    Software Center, using dpkg -i command with both versions of
    files – "Install finished." was displayed.

After all this, in "Network Manager" my USB-device is not shown… (after unplugging the device and plugging it in again, only a red light is on).

Best Answer

I am running the 157 on Mint 16 now, working fine, but the install not smooth: installed the .deb no problem, nothing happened though- no detection by network manager. Had to unplug eth0 and reboot- then Network manager detected it.

The documentaion for this device is close to non-existant, playing around I discovered a more elegant solution (but still not perfect):

The software installs a script: 3g_connect.sh

Run 3g_connect.sh form the terminal:

3g_connect.sh 003:010

ie the arguement to 3g_connect.sh is the BUS:DEVICE pair from you post:

my USB-device is found ("Bus 003 Device 010: ID 2001:a707 D-Link Corp.")

Note: The 3g_connect.sh script should be run as root for it to work, but running it as a normal user did force Network manager to detect the dongle- and I could then use Network manager to manage it- which I prefer).

Hope this helps.