Ubuntu – 32bit UEFI better support than a year ago


I'm trying to install Ubuntu or any other Linux on my Bay Trail based tablet and following 32-Bit UEFI Boot Support advice. Internal display is supported only if I add nomodeset to installation boot option and touch is also supported, however during installation following error message appears and installation is interrupted:
Installation Failed
The installer encountered an error copying files to hard disk:
[Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'sbattach'
This is often due…

Installation is therefore interrupted.
Any help would be appreciated. As I appear to be very close after 30+ attempts using different distros to install Linux on the tablet.
In the light of huge popularity of these Bay Trail based devices, better support for them would be logical.

Best Answer

I installed Ubuntu 15.10 on my Liva X (which uses Bay Trail). I was following the same instructions, and got the same error.

To fix it, I booted to "Try Ubuntu without installing". I pulled up the Terminal, and typed

sudo apt-get install sbsigntool

Then I picked the "Install Ubuntu 15.10" icon on the screen. The sbattach error is now gone.