Ubuntu 24.04 Fresh install. System ‘Settings’ freezes when going [System]-[Remote Desktop]

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Ubuntu 24.04 LTS fresh install. Installed from USB a few hours ago, and then updated to latest. No extra software installed yet.

After clicking 'Remote Desktop' in the 'System' group in Settings, the Settings app itself freezes. There is a small delay, 1-2 seconds maybe, but it is both quick and 100% reproducible.

Hardware is a HP Elitedesk 800 G2 Mini 35W. i5 6500T 4C CPU, 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD. The disk was partitioned and formatted as part of the Ubuntu installation – no Windows left. Generic corded Logitech USB mouse, and a Logitech cordless keyboard with a unifying receiver. Screen connected via Displayport to HDMI adapter.

There are no proprietary drivers in use, and I don't seem to have any firmware to update (not sure how it works, but I only have the 'Update Checksums' and 'Verify Firmware' buttons visibile, and neither seems to do anything)

I've tested changing keyboard and mouse, although I only had two Logitech cordless keyboards to choose from, so if it's something with Logitech Unifying receivers in general, I need to get another keyboard.

I'm reasonably tech-savvy, but I haven't used Linux for about 15 years.

Any ideas?

EDIT: To answer @graham: This is, to the best of my knowledge so far, the only thing that freezes. And I am posting this from Firefox running on the computer in question. /EDIT

Settings app frozen

enter image description here

Best Answer

Ok, apt-get reinstall gnome-remote-desktop seems to have solved it.

An initial shot-in-the-dark apt-get install gnome-remote-desktop indicated that everything was up to date, and no changes were made.

So I took another shot in the dark and did apt-get reinstall gnome-remote-desktop, and rebooted, and now the 'Settings' app no longer freezes.

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