Ubuntu – 18.10 frozen after installing on an Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro


Here are the specifications of my laptop:

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro (i7-8550U) Laptop Review

  • Processor: Intel Core i7-8550U
  • Graphics adapter: NVIDIA GeForce MX150 – 2048 MB
  • Memory: 16GB DDR4-2400

I have been running it with Ubuntu 16.04, 17.10 and 18.04 with no issues.

I decided to wipe the laptop and install a fresh copy of Ubuntu 18.10.

Now, the laptop freezes after login.
I quickly do CtrlAltT and top to track what's causing the freeze and often see that a process called kworker/6:3+events would jump quickly to 100% CPU, frequently followed up by another kworker process also using 100% CPU.

I am desperate for a solution at this point, and am downloading the 18.04 ISO on my work laptop as I am writing this post.

Any hints?

Best Answer

Same thing happened to me, turns out it's Nouveau drivers not playing well with the Nvidia MX150. I solved by starting in recovery mode, going to root terminal, and using ubuntu-drivers autoinstall to install Nvidia proprietary drivers.

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