Ubuntu – 18.04 Turned off display in Settings-Devices-Screen Display ON/OFF, how to turn on again


On a fresh install of 18.04, with laptop and two external monitors, I turned off the laptop display in Settings->Devices->Screen Display using the ON/OFF slider. How do I turn it back on again? Once turned off, it is taken out of the display arrangement. If I remove the laptop from the dock and power-on, it's display works. If I hot plug into the dock again, the two external monitors switch on, but the laptop screen switches off.

Best Answer

You can turn it back on by clicking on your monitor number in the Display menu and selecting the monitor that is turned back off. Screengrab below: display monitor selection

Each monitor has a number. If you go to Settings > Devices > Screen Display and find the monitor number that is your primary monitor. Click on the number and it will show you a dropdown menu of all available monitors. Select the one you turned off and turn it back on.