Ubuntu – 18.04.2 Hangs during boot after update


Two days ago, I accepted the updates for my Ubuntu 18.04.2 system yesterday and ever since it has booted to this screen and hung:
enter image description here
I tried a live boot CD and using boot-repair and got the same screen.
I have tried all of the options in the recovery console program and, the "resume" option allows my system to boot just fine, but nothing else helps and my system will not REBOOT after I have resumed from the recovery console. ("Not reboot" means that it returns to the hang state at the screen above when I try to reboot.) I also read through many of the similar sounding questions and responses here, but none were helpful.

So, I can use the recovery mode tool to resume into a working boot, but I would really prefer my system to ACTUALLY boot successfully.

Oh, FYI: Nothing works except the power button when the screen above is displayed. Neither left/right single/double mouse clicks nor any of the keys I have tried have had any effect. It seems completely locked up.

[EDIT] Update: I changed my grub settings from




as suggested by the tread I found at Ubuntu freeze on boot purple screen so that I might see what was happening when it hung, but the same screen results. I also found Ubuntu 18.04.2 boot stuck on purple screen after updates but it is referring to specific hardware types that I don't think apply to me (my Ubuntu 18.04 is running in VMWare Workstation Player 15).

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