Ubuntu – 16.04 CIFS “Host is down” but they are not


I have my CIFS setup in fstab and they are working as they are supposed to on boot. They mount as they should and work for a while. Out of nowhere it seems (could be after unlocking machine etc) I get "Host is down" error trying to access it. I have multiple and they are all down. They are also shared from the same server. At this time i check on a windows computer and an outdated 14.04 machine and they are up and functioning as they are supposed to. After clicking around on the shares in nautilus and getting repeat errors they will just start working again. To access a share that is "down" takes about 2-3min of randomly clicking different mounts and going back to the first one when automagically it shows the data in the mount point.

I do not have this problem on 14.04 machines that have not been updated in a while. All of those machines are fully functional and the CIFS never go "down". On 16.04 they were not a problem until more recently.

I have made sure to update every other day and have cleaned old linux headers (in hind sight i probably should have reverted). I do this because im begging for a fix to just appear but its been weeks of battling CIFS mounts without any solution.

Best Answer

I'm facing the same problem. It seems it has something to do with newest Kernel versions and samba.

I've managed to solve this by adding vers=2.0 at mount commands (or a the end of each fstab line)

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