Ubuntu – 16.04 – boot stops at “A start job is running for Hold until boot process finishes up(time/no limit)


I have ubuntu 16.04 LTS running on my Pentium E2180 , 1GB RAM computer, with a 120GB SSD. I had recently installed gnome-shell, to try it out , and I got an option asking me to choose between gdm3 and lightdm. I chose gdm3 and rebooted. The ubuntu loading screen showed up , and I noticed it was taking longer than usual(most of the time i'm at login prompt in a few seconds). I then sweitched to a tty and it said

(2/2)[***   ]A start job is running for Hold for boot processes to finish up(5min30/no limit)

I am currently on Puppy Linux for now , but I'd like to have this fixed. What can I do? Thanks in advance

Best Answer

I fixed it myself. This is what I did

  • From the GRUB menu , I selected recovery mode

  • At the recovery menu , I selected the 'networking' option, and then root shell.

  • I then typed

    dpkg-reconfigure lightdm
  • At the prompt I selected 'lightdm'

  • And voila! Problem solved.