Ubuntu – 13.10 suspend kills wifi connection


I tried to post to this thread Hardware wireless switch has no effect after suspend and 13.10 upgrade for if I understand their question I am having the same problem, but the answer option won't work for.

After suspend, the wireless is disconnected and the only way to get it to reinitialize/be recognized is to do a full restart.

At first I thought it was my gnome-shell (for lock screen disappeared there with 13.10), but when I switched to the default Ubuntu it's still doing it and it's kinda driving me nuts for I have to reopen all my files and browsers/tabs/windows every time. I don't know how to show the terminal stuff the above asker shows, but it sounds like the same issue and it only started with 13.10 upgrade a few days ago.

Any help would be much appreciated!!! — Thanks so much, ser.

Best Answer

I don't know about a official fix of this problem, but

sudo service network-manager restart

works in the meantime.

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