Ubuntu – 12.04-Laptop freezes everytime I close the lid


My 12.04 Ubuntu laptop freezes every time I close my lid. I have recently installed Gnome 3.8 on my computer and removed it because I did not like it. It is probably caused because of that. And now, every time I close my lid, the only chance I have is restarting my laptop.

I just want to be able to suspend peacefully. Any help is accepted.

Best Answer

I installed Xscreensaver to get rid of this problem:

sudo apt-get install xscreensaver xscreensaver-data-extra

then remove the gnome screen saver:

sudo apt-get remove gnome-screensaver

then go to the "startup applications" and press Add and in the command type:

xscreensaver -nosplash

In the name and description you can enter anything you want, the press Save and close

log out and log back in and problem gone!