Ubuntu – 12.04 Installation went wrong


I am not very familiar with all the process of installing Ubuntu and the how-it-works, but one of my friends had shown me how to install Ubuntu 10.something on a partition (I have Windows 7 on the other one) and it worked nicely, and since then I've been using Ubuntu. The upgrade from 10 to 11 went just fine, but when going from 11 to 12.04, my computer crashed in the middle (I don't remember why). But now I have Ubuntu 12.04 and I constantly have this red disk with a white dash in it on my desktop bar reminding me that I have a System Problem. I believe re-installing Ubuntu 12.04 (if my computer doesn't crash during the installation this time) would work, but I don't know how to do this. So here is the question :

How would I re-install Ubuntu 12.04? Is there a guide out there for this?


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I am going to post some Important steps with screenshots , here you go.

Boot from Live Usb Drive or Live Cd of Ubuntu 12.04.

Select the Try Before Install option ( take back up before proceeding if required), then at the desktop select the Install Ubuntu 12.04 option.

enter image description here

Select the Language from Left Side menu, and Continue

Then make sure you have Internet Connection ,don't select anything & Continue

enter image description here

Then At this Below image Menu select the Last option ( Other options Might Vary to that of yours) Something Else ,& continue.

enter image description here

You will be brought to Partition table , Most important step also,

Select the Partition Your current Ubuntu installation is On , most probably will be with ext4 ( or ext3 ) type and verify its size if you know it , if you can't recognize then Open the Dash and search for Disk Utility & maximize it, select your hard drive , and search & select the ext4 or ext3 partition , you will find its appropriate /dev/sdaX number , now Back in Installation menu , Tick mark the Square Box to Format it , & select the Mount Point as / only ,stating root partition.

Since you are re-installing, so i am assuming that you already have swap partition present as from below image.

Don't click Install now yet , see the Device for boot loader installation option , preferably select /dev/sda without any number adjoining it.

enter image description here

Now you can Cross-check the partition and booting option , and Select Install now to go forward. Further options are pretty simple , they don't need instructions.

Hope your installation successfully finishes.

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