Flameshot Copy/Paste Issue in Wayland/KDE Plasma – How to Fix


I am trying to use Flameshot in Plasma under Wayland, and I encounter a problem where copy/paste does not work.

Flameshot v11.0.0 (11.0.0-2 Debian)
Compiled with Qt 5.15.2

I can take a screenshot.
I can save it on disk.
But I cannot copy/paste it, be it with Ctrl+C or the copy icon.

Do you see the same problem, and is there a workaround ?
(except save files everywhere on my disk 🙂

Best Answer

Clipboard management is different under Wayland than under Xorg. Apparently, your application was not updated to work correctly under Wayland. Until the application is adapted to also provide this function under Wayland, your workaround will be to use another screenshot tool, if this copy/paste functionality is important to you. Another workaround may be to abandon Wayland and log in to a session on Xorg instead.