Windows – Youtube has no voice but the music continues just fine

audiocodecwindows xp


gigabyte EP45C UD3R with the realtek
HD onboard

4gb dual channel

Qcore 2.83ghz

When i watch to videos on youtube now the voice some times is in static and some times so low that you can hear it while the sound continues just fine…

For example if can hear to things like guitar or a train etc but the voice of whoever is speaking is gone or very low or pure static when watching the videos.

I know some videos have a really great quality and some are HD 1080p so this was something not expected to happen.

I can aswell play videos on my WMP11 just fine i have ccc-p installed also tried k-lite, both on the latest stable avaiable.

I havent tried anything else related to flash but something is either wrong with my drivers or youtube.

I have installed the latest drivers to make sure they are up-to-date but this didnt help either.

What i have tried so far:

  • removed the audio drivers and re-installed
  • remove any codec pack i had and re-installed k-lite, test, didnt worked
  • remove any codec pack i had and re-installed cccp, test, didnt worked
  • checked the control panel sound configurations, tried chaging to phone stereo, to 5.1 which is what my headphone is.
  • checked the realtek manager, tried changing the sound channels from 2CH to 6CH to reflect my headphone, didnt work.
  • rebooted after every change of the above tries.
  • tried chrome, firefox and internet explorer with the same results didnt w

Best Answer

Problem Solved!

In the end the culprit was the headphone, it is a zalman 5.1 but something was wrong with the inside cables perhaps it was cut or something and in 5.1 it was not producing sound while the 2.0 was doing just fine.

I figured that out after trying another zalman 5.1 I had laying around ... it was beat up but still working properly, also tried a home theater 5.1 to make sure.