Word – How to stop Word (2016) from selecting the entire table cell with the mouse

microsoft word

I'm conducting a task that entails selecting a few words from a table cell in order to highlight them. I'm doing this hundreds of times over a number of different documents. The amount of text in the table makes the keyboard impractical. If, whilst I'm highlighting part of the final line of a cell, my mouse gets too close to the cell border, the entire cell contents become selected. Is there a way to disable this behaviour, or do I just need to slow down and hone my mouse skills?

Best Answer

According to my test, this only happens if the mouse touches the separator line between columns.

You may click at the starting position and, while holding Shift, click anywhere in the empty space between the text and the column separator. This will select the text to the end of the cell. But if the selection starts in the middle of a word and then crosses word boundaries, the default action of Word is to select the entire first word.

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