Word – How to add prefix to each paragraph of a certain style in MS Word

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Is there a way to add the same word (say 'Task') before each paragraphs of a certain style? Or before a group of paragraphs of the same style?

Best Answer

Unfortunately, it seems not possible to create new numbering formats without numbers in it (at least not in Windows 2007, I think it was possible in previous versions). Otherwise, this would be quit a convenient workaround.

Actually this workaround can work in Microsoft Word 2007 and later versions but you need to use a multi-level list instead of just a regular numbered list as this type of list does not carry the number restriction that the regular list does. Create a new multilevel list and then select "Number style for this level" to none, enter the prefix into the formatting box and then select the name of your style under the "Link to style" drop down box.