Word – BitLocker: Decrypting a locked drive, not having recovery key or password


The problem is that I have forgotten my password to unlock my E: drive which contains my important information. Unfortunately I don't have a recovery key. I click on Unlocking a drive and then I click on forgot my password. I shows some information and displays something like:

Your recovery key can be identified by: 6FABCF77

And on the next page it says:

Full BitLocker recovery key identification: 6FABCF77-7BDA-47FD-94D0-E990147ECBE7

I searched a lot for the solution. All solutions require password or recovery key or recovery file … .
Some examples of the links I have read can be found here: +, +, +.

Best Answer

Looks like what the information above is like a thumbprint for a certificate, which is really just a shorthand way of identifying the public key.

Anyway, without the recovery key or password, there is no chance of recovery of your data.

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