Macos – Winrar-like archive utility for OS X


I've been a Mac user for about 1.5 years and so far enjoyed the experience. But one thing I miss from other operating systems is the lack of compression/decompression utilities that follow the "folder" analogy.

The things I was able to find only decompressed entire archives to a destination directory without even giving me the chance to see what's contained in the archive. I guess I am more used to something like winrar or the gnome archive utility so when I double click an archive file, I wan't to be able to see what's contained in it and be able to extract individual files.

Is there any hope (without resorting to command line), or maybe I should code one myself 🙂

Best Answer

Maybe the BetterZip Quick Look Generator would work. It doesn't make it transparent like a folder, but it's fairly fast at displaying the contents of the archive.


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