Windows XP can’t connect to wireless network

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I have a desktop computer with a wireless card, running Windows XP SP3. For a little while, I had a remote network connection set up for my job, but I didn't need the remote connection so I deleted it. Now, I am unable to connect to the internet at all from that computer through my wireless router.

I can connect through my router using my laptop, and I can connect through my neighbor's router using my desktop, but for some reason I can't connect through my own router using my desktop.

I see the "Wireless Network Connection 5" icon in my system tray, but it tells me it is not connected. When I click on the icon, I see a list of wireless networks, including my own, which is set up to automatically connect, although it doesn't. When I try to connect to my network on my own (by clicking on it, then clicking "Connect"), it asks me for my network password like it usually does. I see a box come up saying "Waiting for network to be ready…" and it hangs there. On the list of wireless networks, my network says "Acquiring network address" but it doesn't actually connect.

How can I fix this? I tried rebooting my computer, repairing my connection, and restarting my router, and I am still having this problem.

Best Answer

  • Have you tried to connect to your router with another computer (or smartphone)?
  • Check your protocols on the card
    » Network conections - right click on the wireless card - properties
    » You should have only about 4 to 5 items (Microsoft Client and TCP/IP the most important)
    » If you have Novell, or NetBeui there's the problem

  • Another thing I usually do is to start from scratch. Access your router and remove the encryption. Try to conect without encription. Then if sucessfull, increase to WEP. Then WPA.

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