Windows – wifi usb adapter can connect to one, but can’t connect to another wifi network

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On the desktop computer I'm connecting to a wifi using usb wifi adapter. I have two available networks, my home network and the one from the neighbor. When I want to connect to my wifi network, it says I'm connected but after like a minute it will disconnect and I can't connect again, I need to restart my pc to be able to connect again, and even then after connection is made, after one minute disconnects again.

So I bought a new wifi adapter hoping that I'll resolve the problem but that didn't happen I was getting the same error. Now, using my neighbor network I don't have any problems at all, no dropping in the connection, no disconnection, everything is running smoothly.

Furthermore, I have laptop right next to my desktop and I'm able to use my home network via wifi without any problems. I tried also forgetting the network, renaming the network but nothing helped. So my problem is really weird, I changed two wifi adapters on the desktop but the problem is still there, I can use other network but not the personal one, but on the laptop which is right next to my desktop I can use the home network. What do you guys think can be the problem?

I'm using windows 7 on both computers, the wifi was working fine on both computers until like couple months ago when I started experiencing problems on the desktop only. All the time I'm using wifi over the wifi device plugged in the usb drive.
If anyone knows how I can check the 802.11 mode, please let me know. Thanks

Best Answer

A friend of mine has had similar problems with his Wi-Fi adapter. The culprit on his Windows system was a faulty driver for the wireless adapter. Updating the driver fixed the problem for him.

However, to make sure the problem lies with the driver and not the hardware, you could boot into a Linux OS (I recommend using an Ubuntu LiveCD) and try connecting to your Wi-Fi network from there. If you manage to stay connected without any connection dropouts, that could be a strong indicator that you have a faulty driver for the Wi-Fi adapter installed on Windows.

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