Windows – Why isn’t Synergy working for me

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It worked for about a week then stopped working. I'm trying to make it work between a Windows 7 laptop and a Windows XP laptop. My router is a Linksys E1000. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program multiple times. I've tried port forwarding. I've tried making exceptions in the firewall. I've tried disabling the firewalls. It might be relevant also that Input Director doesn't work either. What am I doing wrong?

Best Answer

This happened to me between MacBook Pro OS 10.6 and HP Win XP. My Belkin router had changed IP addresses when I power-cycled it to reset. I just had to enter the correct IP addresses in both and it worked again.

I used the Info button in the Synergy window on the HP to find the IP address for the HP. It is the client.

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