Windows – Ways to get into windows 7 safe mode

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Long story short, I own an Asus Zenbook (UX32A) which is running windows 7, the only user on the system has a corrupt profile (user profile service failed the login error). I've researched how to fix this, but I need to enter safe mode in order to fix it.

Problems getting into safe mode:

  • Press F5/F8/F12 at start-up – This does not work, ASUS seems to have
    replaced the safe boot option with a propritiatory repair wizard (cant
    use this as it will wipe all documents).
  • Go into BIOS – nothing to enable safe mode.
  • Change setting in msconfig – Cannot as I cannot login.

Is there another way to get into safe mode/fixing this error without safe mode? I dont want to reinstall windows if I can avoid it.

Best Answer

I just figured it out after giving Microsoft tech support a call. Basically had to 'crash' the operating system when starting up the computer by turning it off while the OS was still loading, this allowed me to go into safe mode.