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As in the title, is there a way to disable either the update checks or that annoying monit I have to close every time I launch Connectify?

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The only (but efficient) way I know is to avoid Connectify from contacting the update server:

  1. Click Start → Run (or press Win+R)

  2. Enter \Windows\system32\Drivers\etc

  3. In the opened folder, there is a file named "hosts"

  4. Copy the file "hosts" to your desktop

  5. Open it with Notepad

  6. After the last line of the file, paste the following:
  7. Save the file*

  8. Drag the file back to the folder you copied it from (drag it holding the right button) and REPLACE the original file. You will need Administrator rights to do this.

  9. After this, you will no longer see the update window.

*After saving the file, you must remove the ".txt" extension from its name, so it will be named only "hosts".

Renaming hosts file

Otherwise, Windows will not use it as the hosts file. If you can't see file extensions, you must set Windows to show file extensions:

a) Open a window in file explorer

b) Press Alt

c) Click Tools > Folder Options

d) Click on the second tab "Show" and scroll down the list

e) Uncheck the option "Hide extensions for known file types" and click OK. See image below for help:

Setting Windows to show file extensions

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