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There are finally Windows 7 Netbooks available, but they come with Windows 7 "Starter". Can I upgrade "Starter" to Windows 7 Ultimate using a normal retail DVD (and its new licence key)?

What about special Netbook drivers? Will they be replaced by an in-place upgrade? Does Windows 7 even have a way to upgrade to another edition or will I have to delete and re-install?

If I delete and re-install, how will I get the special Netbook drivers to install again?

In my case it will probably be a HP Netbook (HP Mini 110-1115SA). Can I just install the drivers from the HP CD that comes with the computer?

Any ideas?

Best Answer

Yes, you can do an Anytime Upgrade with your lower versioned Windows 7 edition. To get started, follow the instructions found in Upgrade to another edition of Windows 7 by using Windows Anytime Upgrade. Do remember that some of the higher-end features of Windows 7 will tax lower end systems with slow processors and limited amounts of memory. Also, remember that you can only upgrade a 32-bit system to another 32-bit system and likewise with a 64-bit system.

I've upgraded a Windows XP Home to a Windows XP Professional before on the same machine. I did not loose any drivers and only gained the new functionality. I would assume an anytime upgrade would end up in the same fashion.

If you wipe out the system that you currently have, you will need to look through your documentation on how to recover your system so that all of the drivers that you need are installed. You should also be able to go to your netbooks vendor site and be able to download the drivers needed for the hardware.

Good luck, and hope this helps some.

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