Windows – TrustedInstaller.exe is eating all CPU; 100%

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I have bought an ASUS ux50v for my wife (so pleeeeeaaaase help!), it has a single core cpu and Windows 7 Home Premium installed. I have updated it's os (made a mistake?) and now this TrustedInstaller.exe thing (used by Windows Module Installer or something like that; related to windows update) is screwing the whole system without logging/prompting/announcing what the heck it is up to.

Anyone had the same problem and solved it?

Edit 1: In action center>problem report I'v found a lot of repeated windowswcpotherfailure3. What's that?

Edit 2: I ran sfc.exe /scannow and it says:
Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation.

Edit 3: I restored Windows 7 to an earlier restore point and the problems gone (or maybe I would do a factory restore by DVDs); but I did not figured out what was the cause.

And I am afraid of trying again to update Windows 7!

Edit 4: I have found a blog entry that describes a similar problem. The error message (for WindowsWcpOtherFailure3…) is the same; but my default language is English on this laptop. Why should I get that problem?

Edit 5: I gave up; restored to factory setting with recovery DVDs; turned off Windows Updates 🙁

Best Answer

It often happens that TrustedInstaller takes 100% CPU as it's continuously working on updates. I usually leave it running for some hours (more than 10) with Internet connection enabled. After that, I try to reboot up to twice. The problem should not occur any more.

As yours is a new laptop, I would always suggest a Windows clean install by a clean retail version, not the vendor-customized ones with lots of garbage software shipped with it. A warez version, believe me, is ok because you have a Windows license when you have bought your laptop. Be sure that you install the version you are legitimated to use, and not the Ultimate because that will be bad.

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