Windows – Shrink Volume of Hard Disk Containing Recovery Partition

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I just bought a new Lenovo IdeaPad 320, with Windows 10 pre-installed with two normal partitions (C: and D:) and One Key Recovery Partition. Size of C: drive is too large, also I want to create other partition to manage my data easily.

Here is the complete details of partitions:

  1. 260 MB EFI System Partition
  2. 905 GB Windows C:
  3. 25GB Lenovo (Drivers) D:
  4. 1000MB Recovery Partition

I want to reduce size of C: drive and want make two new partitions from space reduced from C: drive, without affecting the Recovery Partition, which is located at last of holding size of 1000 MB.

How can I do it without affecting my Reovery Partition? If I shrink C: drive volume, and create other drives, will it affect Recovery Partition?

Best Answer

Open start menu, Disk Management Select the partition from the list and select shrink volume from the menu. It will allow you to shink the file system down to as small as it can be made without running into unmovable files.

Once the partition has shrunk it will make unallocated space available after it. According to your layout this will be before your drivers and recovery partitions. Create a new partition here then format it then "Change driver letter or path" to assign it.

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