Windows – Ricoh Aficio MP171SPF: Scan to Folder not working

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The scanning functionality on my MP171 is not working over my network.

All the necessary configurations have been made using the web interface, but it cannot authenticate. It throws several different errors (when I change settings):

Sending failed. Please check settings and Check Scan Status

Dest. authentication failed…

When I select "Dest." from the scanning screen, select SMB, and browse the network, the computer is listed. However, when I select the computer (in WORKGROUP), it just says, "Entered path is not correct..

I am sharing a folder on the network for scanning, and all permissions are enabled.

Using Windows 8 x64, but the problem also persists on Windows 7 x86 and x64.

Any pointers?


The most prominent error is this:

Entered path was not correct.

However, the machine can see the PC (under Scan > Dest. > Browse Network). If I try manually, and leave the password off, it asks for authentication. To me, this means that it is successfully authenticating.

I phoned client support at Nashua (distributors of the machine), who said Windows 8 is not supported. However, as mentioned, it doesn't work on Windows 7 either.

Per the comment below, all other workstations on the network are able to access the folder.

Best Answer

I can totally feel your frustration. I've spent several hours trying to get a similar Ricoh machine to scan to network folder. We even got the local Ricoh dealer to send their technician out and he couldn't figure it out. I really believe that Ricoh's firmware needs to be updated to work properly with the newer versions of Windows or something.

I did find one workaround that may or may not be an option for you. I installed Filezilla Server on our main computer and configured it to run as a service. I setup a ftp username/password with the home directory set to the scans folder. I then configured the Aficio to scan via ftp rather than smb. It works beautifully now. The folks using the scanner don't even know we are using ftp rather than smb.

Side note. We are still waiting on the Tech to get back to us on why SMB isn't working properly.

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