Windows – Reinstall Samsung OEM Windows 8, no recovery partiton or disk

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I have a recently purchased samsung NP540U3C that came with Windows 8 pre-installed. Windows stopped working and the recovery partition doesnt work anymore. I used RWeverything to find the Windows product key but it cannot be used to install a retail version of Windows when using the Microsoft Windows 8 setup. According to this Windows 8 would automatically activate if it is reinstalled but its not possible to download from Microsoft with an OEM Key. Samsung would not provide at recovery image/disc, so I am wondering if it was possible to dowhload windows 8 with the OEM key and recover Windows.

Is there something similar to this except for Windows 8?

Edit: Can you the change the Windows 8 Enterprise Eval to install Windows 8 Core?

Thank You

Best Answer

I know how to fix it. It's easy, make a image recovery (if your F4 recovery works follow this) in a USB 32 GB Flash drive and change the settings in your BIOS to

Secure Boot = Disabled
Advanced -> DEP = Disabled

Boot Priority

Media CD

Put the USB flash drive in the laptop and wait a minute, then you should see the recovery contract and license agreeament and the blue Button Recover

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