Windows – Rear audio ports always show as “Not plugged in”

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I've been having this issue with Windows for about a week now which NONE of the back panel/front panel connectors (speakers, microphone) are being recognized by Realtek audio manager. The only audio input/outputs that are showing are the optical.

Troubling shooting steps I've tried (none worked):

  • COMPLETELY uninstall all Realtek drivers/reinstall
  • Tried using windows drivers
  • Upgraded chipset driver
  • sfc /scannow
  • Reinstall Windows 10

I called EVGA and asked for RMA but then I booted into a Ubuntu OS and all the ports work FINE. It must be a problem with Windows 10.

Can you think of any other troubling shooting step I can try to fix this annoying issue?

Screenshot of playback devices:

enter image description here

Screenshot of Realtek HD Audio Manager:

enter image description here


After looking in Device Manager under Audio inputs and outputs, I don't see any speaker/microphone listings, only the optical crap:

enter image description here

Best Answer

I've fixed the issue my self. Somehow "Disable front panel jack detection" in the Realtek settings made all my other ports work again.


I had to RMA my motherboard in order to get working audio ports. Looks like it was a hardware issue.