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Since I'm using Windows 7 (Beta, then RC, now RTM), I have issues when I download pictures from my digital cameras. It happens with my two cameras: a Canon Powershot S2 IS and a Canon Ixus 80 IS.

When I plug a camera (any of them) into a USB port and switch it on in Play mode, the Autoplay function of Windows 7 starts with this screen:

alt text

I select "Import pictures and videos" to call the native Windows 7 tool.
It searches a bit for pictures to download from the camera and starts the transfer.

However, during the transfer, I often get errors like this one:

alt text

The error message is "the following error occurred while importing xxxxxx.jpg", "the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable".

If I use "Try again", it works fine the second time and the picture is retrieved correctly. It's very annoying when it happens 20 or 30 times in a 500-picture download. I cannot leave it running standalone, as I have to watch for the errors and click on "Try again".

Any idea what is causing these errors?

I tried changing the USB port (normally the cameras are connected via a USB hub but it happens also when I connect them directly to a MB USB port) and the USB cable, but no success.

I also checked the SD card by connecting them with a card reader and running a ChkDsk on them but it found no errors on the cards.

Update: No problem when I copy the pictures manually with the Windows Explorer. And no problem either when I access the card with a reader. The builtin import tool of Windows is convenient as it sorts the pictures automatically by date (1 folder per day). And this is the way I sort my pictures.

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I just wanted to say I have been having exactly the same thing with my canon 400D. I am also getting similar error messages though when I try to transfer photos from my old pc to the new one on a disk!!..... I am ending up with folders with huge amounts of photos missing because they won't copy to the new pc....


It appears that the problem has been Kaspersky 2010 anti virus....we have just changed to AVG and this seems to have solved the problem.....

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