Windows – PING cmd request timed out for all websites but sites are accessible through browsers

browsercommand linenetworkingwindowswindows 7

ping is not working in my windows7 cmd prompt. but google is accessible via browsers

below is the snap shot

enter image description here

Note: None of the website in pinging.. all requests are timed out

But the same is working fine in all browsers. below is the snapshot.

enter image description here

Note: I am using wireless connection for accessing internet.

Please help me to resolve this issue . Thanks in advance.

Also, below is the output of pathping
enter image description here

Best Answer

From the limited information we know about your network setup it appears that something is blocking ICMP requests out. I would take a look at your router and make sure you haven't recently changed a setting to not allow outbound ICMP (which admittedly would be strange) or talk with your provider and see if they are blocking the requests.

I do wonder though if your web browser is working why are you attempting to ping google? Are you having other problems with connectivity (blocked Torrents, FTP, etc?) that may help clarify what is wrong?

It may also help to try a traceroute to see how far that is able to go.

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