Windows – My computer is playing audio without any program open


This is the weirdest thing ever that has happened to my computer (running Windows 7).

  1. I haven't installed anything lastly, except lavasoft adware antivirus
  2. When my computer stats then audio starts playing, mostly hip hop
  3. There is no programs opened.
  4. I tried killing all unknown processed, no success.
  5. I tried resetting the firewall options of the antivirus, no success.
  6. If I disconnect from internet, then it works.
  7. The antivirus is not detecting anything.

Is somebody is streaming from another house? Is that possible? and making my life impossible.

How can I check and stop this?

Best Answer

You could try running the Resource Monitor and see what network connections are open and what program is using it (or netstat with the /b option). If you say it stops when you disconnect the Internet, then you should be able to find what program is streaming it.

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