Windows – Mirror your display to another computer on your network


I have a computer I am using for showing media, running windows 7 (XBMC). It is hooked up with a projector.

I want other computers on my network to have the opportunity to mirror their display to this computer.(without the media computer having to accept it, it should be all controlled by the sending computer.(like sending a movie with Apple's Airplay))

One scenario:
I am finding a webpage with a great article (or a Word document) on my computer that i want to show to the other people in the room, i press a button, then my screen is mirrored to the media pc. I can still scroll, write etc. so everybody can see it. When i am done showing the article, I can exit the display mirroring, and the media computer display goes back to normal.

This should mirror the whole screen, not only the browser like plugins can do in chrome, or sending Youtube movies like plugins for Opera.


I found a video example of the solution I am looking for, unfortunately it looks like it will be hard making a Chromecast reciever for windows.

Using the "Cast entire screen (experimentally)" button on the Chromecast plugin in Chrome is doing the exact thing I want to do, see this video.

Best Answer

TightProjector from the makers of TightVNC might do what you want.

TightProjector is a program that can transmit the screen of a particular Windows computer to other computers in the same local-area network. The data is transmitted continuously, in real time.

In other words, you “project” a screen to other networked computers.

I dont know if it has the ability to bring up the cast automatically when started, but it might.

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