Windows – Making the laptop go to sleep during Windows update, is it bad? if bad, how bad

windows update

I would like to ask if it is bad to close(force it to go to sleep) the laptop while it's doing Windows update. It can't be good but how bad is it?

Best Answer

"Doing Windows Update" is a long process.

  1. Sending Windows to sleep while it's downloading updates is safe, it will simply resume later.

  2. Making it fall asleep while it's installing updates is not recommended. In the worst case it will corrupt Windows and you'll have to reinstall it. Avoid it.

  3. Going to sleep is impossible when Windows is restarting to install updates. Closing the lid and/or unplugging power won't make laptop go to sleep, even if it would normally. This is especially bad when you're low on battery, it's degraded or you're installing a big update (Service Pack etc.) because the battery may run out while updating and stop the process in the middle. This is very risky and you can end up with corrupted Windows. Never unplug laptop while it's restarting to update and avoid closing the lid.

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